Bathtub Racer, Fun on tap


Move over, rubber ducky, the bath is back...
But not as you know it!

Totally re-defining the idea of good, clean fun, the Bathtub Racer is the culmination of hundreds of man hours, and countless packets of soap, in the pursuit of innovative engineering excellence. From the same unhinged individuals at Evento who brought you the GO-Racer, the new Bathtub Racer takes motorized bathroom fixtures to another level!

A truly unique driving experience and a down-and-dirty adrenaline rush that won't wash off for days. And with its head-turning lines, generous branding and message display areas, the Bathtub Racer gives you a marketing tool that will wipe the floor with your competition!

Ladies and gentleman, start your engines and get ready to be thrilled by the new Bathtub Racer!


Latest from the tub

Welcome to the new Bathtub Racer site! As you'll see we've added lots of new content, including photos, video, and media coverage. We also have a new service area, which will expand with time, and have hopefully made it easier to find out more about the cleanest ride around!

Enjoy looking around the new site, if you have any questions or enquires you can always contact us.